Over 75 Years Combined Experience Placing Dental Implants in Baton Rouge, LA

Drs.  Leo Regan, Michael Casadaban, and David Bulot of Baton Rouge Oral and Facial Surgery & Dental Implant Center are highly trained in oral and maxillofacial surgery procedures and anesthesia in a hospital based setting. Our expertise in health conditions related to the mouth, teeth, jaw, and face make us an ideal team to treat you and your family. Together, we make up the largest oral and maxillofacial surgical group in the state of Louisiana.

Our team of surgeons at BROMS specializes in a wide range of dental procedures, from dental implants and wisdom tooth extractions to reconstructive jaw surgery. We also diagnose and treat fractures, facial pain, and facial injuries. Our surgeons are highly skilled in cosmetic procedures such as rhinoplasty and facelifts.